Advanced Analytics in Fleet Management: The How & Why

This paper takes a look how a GPS-based fleet management solution can make a significant impact on operations – and your bottom line

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Operating in the Dynamic World of Distribution

Create data intelligence to maximize loyalty within your channel and profitability for your incentive strategy.

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How healthy is your Property Management System?

If you’ve been relying on different point solutions to manage your properties instead of one fully-integrated property management platform that provides an SaaS infrastructure with accounting, budgeting, purchasing, facilities, document management and reporting, then you could be losing money and under-performing in the market.

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Protect Yourself from Penalty

As a multifamily owner and/or operator, it’s important to understand the compliance requirements of the Fair Housing Act (FHA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to enhance community appeal, avoid expensive penalties, and protect brand reputation.

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A Rainscreen Solution Using Fiber Cement Architectural Wall Panels (Print Version)

Moisture intrusion in a wall system can cause numerous building defects as well as health ailments for building occupants. This course will review the cause and effects of moisture intrusion and will discuss how fiber cement panels can be used as a rainscreen to mitigate this moisture. We will identify different rainscreen technologies and ASTM and AAMA testing standards that measure their performance. By the end of the course you will understand basic design approaches and guidelines for installing fiber cement panels as a rainscreen.

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Department of Transportation Realizes Benefits after Adopting Digital Sign Printing

Watch how Colorado DOT cut sign production time with this digital printing technology - cutting costs, helping their employees and improving service to the community all in one.

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Amplify Loyalty and Profitability!

One solution offering incredible data, strategic rewards, point allocation and customer service to build loyalty for you!

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The Distributors Solution to Better Incentive Tracking

When you’ve tracked data about all aspects of your program, you can offer strong recommendations to improve it.

That means more success for you and your vendors.

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Sound-Mitigating Steel: How to detail structural steel systems for optimized acoustics (Print)

Good acoustics is such a major issue among building occupants that a 2014 Associated Press article ranked noise as the No. 1 quality-of-life complaint in New York City. Similarly, an American Society of Interior Designers-commissioned study reported that 70 percent of surveyed office workers believe productivity would increase if office noise decreased. Although steel naturally acts as a conductor for sound, this course will look at how properly designing and detailing a steel framed building can ensure good acoustics.

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Modern Innovative Designs and Lighting Strategies of LED Lighting

This learning unit provides a general overview of how new technologies allow for greater control of LED fixtures, light quality, and lumens. This unit also illustrates the benefits of LED lighting compared to other traditional bulb types. Finally, architects will learn how LED fixtures offer new options and benefits specifically intended to create unique and functional interior lighting designs.

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