Video: Reveal® Panel System Installation

Solutions that offer design flexibility. The Reveal® Panel System by James Hardie can be utilized to create an effective, modern, durable, panelized look.

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Aging in Place: Implications for Remodeling

The dramatic aging of the U.S. population in coming decades is expected to have important implications for the home remodeling industry. Of the over 25 million households age 65 and over today, the Joint Center estimates that 44 percent have some need for home accessibility features due to disability or difficulty using components of the home, such as kitchen or bathroom facilities.

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AARP: Home Fit Guide

The AARP HomeFit Guide was created to help people stay in the home they love by turning where they live into a “lifelong home,” suitable for themselves and anyone in their household. The guide offers solutions that range from simple do-it-yourself fixes to improvements that require skilled expertise.

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Great Expectations: Remodelers Adjust To Meet Demands of a Younger, More Connected Clientele

Today’s homeowners are better informed about remodeling than ever before, in part due to TV remodeling shows and researching product information online. While all this information has created a more informed customer, it has also accounted for a shift in how remodelers rethink their client communication skills.

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Design Trends: Market Influences on Product Design

Design influences come from everywhere—fashion runways, trade magazines, smart technology, the sustainability movement, and the media. Adaptability, also known as universal design, is showing up in products that allow people of all abilities to use them. In bathrooms, adaptability features show up in spa-like showers without the potential tripping hazard of a curb, integral shower seats and towel bars that do double duty as supports. All of these features are finding their way into residential bathrooms because they provide extra utility, as well as beauty.

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Case Study: Incorporating Low-Energy Ventilation Solutions - Acacia Building Washington, DC

Natural ventilation is cost-effective, uses low-energy and aesthetically pleasing. Read how the architects and engineers responsible for the upgrade of several Washington, DC buildings incorporated a natural ventilation system into their plans.

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Upping the Quality

Code compliance for pools, spas and water features becomes more important as permitting requirements tighten. As the popularity of this profitable market segment booms, it is paramount to get the details right the first time. Read here for what you need to know about waterproofing systems.

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Is It Level? Is It Flat?: DPR Construction Knows the Answers Faster Than Ever on a $60 Million California Medical Center

There was a time when determining the flatness of a slab pour meant scheduling floor profilers to walk the slab, take readings, import data, and generate an F-number report. Now there is a simpler, faster, and more advanced way to determine floor flatness.

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Largo Concrete Trades the Leash for the Laser Scanner

Read about how this structural concrete contractor now uses laser scanning technology to document as-built conditions on their projects.

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Wet-Pour Quality Control: Compressing Workflow in Concrete Slab Pour Flatness and Levelness Measurement

Is it level? Is it flat? For concrete construction contractors, finishing foremen, superintendents, flooring inspectors, and structural engineers, they are the central questions to any large concrete pour. Read how new measurement technology transforms workflows, improves pour outcomes, and simplifies measurement.

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