Why Architects are Turning to a Maine Company for Winning ci Solutions

Polyiso claims the highest R-value in the thinnest profile of any (ci) wall sheathing product, meeting all ASHRAE 90.1 and IECC 2012 standards, outstanding fire performance with its inclusion within a multitude of NFPA 285 compliant wall assemblies - CFCs, HCFCs, and ODP.

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Hunter Xci Polyiso Fast Facts

Hunter XCI Polyiso is a foam board used as continuous insulation in exterior walls for both commercial and residential construction and the leading product of choice for commercial roofs.

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Pricing Enters a New Era

Technology is changing all the time, and taking advantage of new technology is key to enhancing future sales and avoiding bad deals. Computers can now take the information you have about your customer and make incredibly efficient decisions about pricing. In fact, the tech is improving so fast, it might even make salesmen obsolete.

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Advanced Environmental Finishes for Windows & Doors – Field Performance and the Application Process (Print Course)

This course will discuss the painting and anodizing process, as well as considerations for architectural specifications for each finish. The course will cover the strengths and weaknesses of the two coatings and will demonstrate how each is applied to ensure a quality end product.

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Advancements in Window Glazing (Print Course)

This article provides a general overview of the technology of modern high performance windows as well as information on traditional glazing options, features and benefits. In addition, it explores improvements to conventional mirrored and tinted glazing and look at how color, style and glazing options impact not only occupants but also aesthetics of a project. Finally, we examine recent advancements in electrochromic coatings, how they work and how programmable tinting can positively impact occupants and energy efficiency in commercial buildings.

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Building Innovation and Performance in Schools – High Performance Systems Improve the Learning Environment (Print Course)

There is a proven and strong correlation between students’ academic performance and a school’s physical condition. Distractions and health issues arise when indoor air quality, lighting, acoustics, or thermal comfort is poor. Improving these environmental factors enhances learning, results in higher test scores, and increases daily attendance. High performance HVAC systems as well as innovative renewable energy sources can play a large role in creating an environment conducive to learning, while also serving as a teaching tool for students.

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Sustainable Extruded Aluminum Trim Profiles Deliver Aesthetics and Durability (Print Course)

With today’s focus on green materials, detailing needs to meet both an architectural design aesthetic and sustainability requirements. Specifying trim for use with fiber cement siding is one instance where a knowledge of detailing can contribute to both. Available in a number of configurations, extruded aluminum trim can add architectural distinction to both the interiors and exteriors of a wide range of building types.
This course will identify the sustainability features of extruded aluminum architectural trim, as well as its benefits, design options and moisture management considerations.

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PVC 101: The Benefits and Uses of Cellular PVC (Print Course)

This article will explore the performance properties of cellular PVC trim and its varied uses within the building industry. It will cover best practices for preparation and installation, as well as applications in markets ranging from residential construction to historic preservation. Finally, the article will explore the different green properties of cellular PVC, as well as two case studies.

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Understanding Specifications for Clad Wood and Fiberglass Windows

This course delivers fundamental information needed to include written window specifications in the Bidding Documents. Recognizing the wide range of specification levels for different kinds of commercial and residential projects, this presentation will walk through a window specification and describe appropriate content for each part. With a focus on clad wood and fiberglass window applications, this program provides suggestions for writing clear, well-developed specifications.

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Spectrum® Construction Software

Today the construction industry relies on more information than ever and the faster it’s available the better. By incorporating a smart cloud based application into your organization everyone stays connected to the information keeping all on the same page and making it easier for you to manage the business.

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