BuilderTREND: Home Owner Portal

Allow your clients to have instant access to the information for their home project. Homeowners can login from your website or their phone to a secure area showing what is coming up on their project's schedule, pictures and other important documentation.

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BuilderTREND: Mobile App

Turn your mobile device into a mobile office. Keep everyone informed by quickly managing change orders, updating schedules, marking up plans and more. The BuilderTREND mobile app also lets you share jobsite photos, instantly. With BuilderTREND on your device you can build it, you have the technology.

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Protecting Your Work: Specifying Proper Temporary Surface Protection During Construction

Surface protection is insurance against damage to a project’s installed materials, saving time and money by keeping job-site cleanup and repair to a minimum. Proper surface protection protects the bottom line, and keeps the profit in the project. It helps ensure the finished project meets the architect's and client's vision, and it keeps the job-site safer for workers.

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7-Step Phone Skills Training for Your Leasing Agents

Ensure your staff is providing quality service to incoming prospects. Proper phone skills will allow your team to move the sales process along. See how these 7 steps will help focus your agents in handling phone leads.

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Using Telematics To Boost Productivity

Verizon Networkfleet combines patented GPS telematics technologies to create a comprehensive fleet management system that works anywhere you do. The fleet tracking system monitors vehicles 24/7 and automatically transmits data over a secure wireless network.

Throughout this video learn how using this data will help your business improve efficiencies, maintain vehicles and increase driver productivity, allowing you to implement a disciplined focused approach to your Fleet Management.

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E-book: 6 Lead Generation Myths That Cost You Money

With the explosion of the Internet over the past decade, figuring out online lead generation can be confusing, time consuming and expensive. This e‐book will help you understand how online lead generation works (and how it doesn’t) for home improvement companies, and which channels you need to focus on to be successful!

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Google Best Practices for Home Improvement Lead Gen

Google recently invited Todd Bairstow from Keyword Connects to Google's headquarters in Mountain View, California to talk about Best Practices for Home Improvement Lead Generation. Learn what Todd and Google have to say about the online home improvement world and how you can drive more leads!

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The Better Way to Pour

Zim-Mixer® will custom blend concrete on site and produce many different mix designs. This mobile concrete plant on wheels is cost efficient, easy to maintain and reduces unwanted waste.

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Zim-Mixer® Fast Facts

With versatility and accuracy this mobile concrete plant delivers 4 to 14 yards or more of custom-blended, fresh mixed concrete directly to the jobsite.

Based on a patented dual feed chain delivery system, lasting three times longer than belt –feed volumetric mixers, it also incorporates a self-cleaning chain. It has the lowest annual maintenance cost of any volumetric mixer on the market.

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Trust But Verify: How GILBANE Reinvented Dimensional Accuracy & Control on Building Construction

Armed with a phase-shift laser scanner, a Gilbane VDC engineering team recently documented measurement discrepancies on a high-profile building construction project. This report examines why Gilbane now makes laser scanning an indispensable part of their construction management process.

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