Post-Frame Construction in Low-Rise Commercial Buildings (Print)

This article will discuss construction methods and materials, as well as performance measures for post-frame buildings and their application in low-rise commercial buildings. It discusses how a combination of quality materials, expert workmanship, energy efficiency and low maintenance in a post-frame building can optimize value.

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Are you buying a $6,000 Cup of Coffee?

Learn how small expenses quickly add up over time and how you can implement a simple, yet extremely powerful tool to manage expenses, curb unauthorized employee purchases, and recover time in the process.

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Meet the Business Credit Card Killer

A turnkey, credit-free, and cash-free prepaid commercial debit card that saves your business thousands of dollars each year in time, expense account headaches, and purchasing control.

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Revolutionary Hands-Free Faucet for Water Savings and Cost Reduction

Some hands-free faucets are powered by disposable batteries. Others by hard-wired electricity. But only one hands-free faucet is powered by…running water. Read why you should consider TOTO EcoPower hands-free faucets for your next project.

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Why a Leading Luxury Builder Specifies DRAFTSTOP® 812

As a builder who makes energy efficiency a priority, Chris Frank has researched or tried most of the leading insulating and air sealing products. He knows the pros and cons of each and has settled on DAP® DRAFTSTOP® 812 for all of his homes.

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Spectrum® Construction Software Brochure

Spectrum delivers complete business management for construction companies. From accounting to project management, from the office to the job site, and across the entire life cycle of construction work.

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The New Essence Series® Patio Doors

Designed to complement any living space, the new Essence Series sliding patio door is built with natural wood and a tough, durable fiberglass exterior.

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An ideal sealant for closing the gap between a window or door frame, offering protection against water and air.

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The Japanese Godsend Every Designer Should Consider

To understand the U.S. of 2025, look to Japan today. Their demographic trend, an aging population, puts them ahead of the U.S. Today U.S. planners face the growing demands of Millions of aging baby boomers. For architects, interior designers, contractors, and owners, it’s easy to see how this change will influence project work. Aging in place? Universal design? Assisted living? Design imperatives that represent a new world of project opportunity for you.

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Why Architects are Turning to a Maine Company for Winning ci Solutions

Polyiso claims the highest R-value in the thinnest profile of any (ci) wall sheathing product, meeting all ASHRAE 90.1 and IECC 2012 standards, outstanding fire performance with its inclusion within a multitude of NFPA 285 compliant wall assemblies - CFCs, HCFCs, and ODP.

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