Lichen and the Rock: An Integrated Response to Daylight

Daylighting professionals explain daylighting design principles, criteria and metrics you can use to optimize daylight use for your projects. Specific examples from projects on the University of Washington campus demonstrate tools and techniques used to analyze, manipulate and maximize daylight performance in different types of spaces. They found their inspiration from an unlikely source: lichen growing on a rock.

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MAX USA Fast Facts

MAX Rebar Tier - Battery-powered hand tools that will automatically tie rebar in less than one second. This tool simplifies tying with increased speed while minimizing the health risks that go along with manual tying.

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Benefits of Daylight and Fresh Air in Residential Design

Through this course you will learn how skylights can contribute and provide the benefits of natural ventilation, daylight and energy efficiency to ensure good health and wellbeing in residential applications.

Indoor climate combines all the elements of temperature, humidity, lighting, air quality and ventilation in residential buildings. Most of these elements relate closely to energy balance, health and comfort effects on building occupants.

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Construction Project Management Software

Co-construct is the #1 rated Cloud-based project management software for custom home builder and remodelers. Co-construct manages the entire lifecycle of your projects from leads, to active projects to warranty. Whether you’re working on a computer in the office or a smartphone or tablet in the field, Co-construct’s solution will empower your team and sub-constructors to more effectively deal with selections, changes orders, scheduling, communications, tracking leads, share photos and files and integrate with accounting software such as QuickBooks and Xerox.

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Midcentury (Un)Modern: The 1958-73 Office Building

Preservation and retrofit of existing buildings saves energy; but so does new construction. Which is actually less impactful on the environment in a very specific market segment? Preservation and retrofit should go hand-in-hand with the environmental movement, as both are trying to conserve resources. But research shows that retrofits and new construction both have advantages. Presenters discuss the potential benefits and hurdles facing mid-century office buildings in need of energy improvements to meet PlaNYC goals by 2030.

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Certifying Neighborhood Sustainability Around the Globe

Presenters discuss overviews and principles of common sustainable neighborhood rating systems and guides. They introduce why rating systems and guides are important, how they improve communities and the difference between planning and executing a scalable sustainable community. Examples of existing connected, sustainable communities are reviewed in depth to showcase where development is at currently.

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Sustainable Design: Can Performance and Beauty Co-Exist?

Presenters challenge learners to define beauty in architecture by looking beyond the finished aesthetics. Instead, beauty is a combination of the structural scale, connection to nature, how the building makes people feel, materials and performance. Three 2013 AIA Committee on the Environment award winning projects are discussed as they are related to beauty and performance inclusively.

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Cracking the Cost Barrier: Do, or Do Not. There is No Try

This program challenges project team members to step outside of the design-bid-build comfort zone and throw out prescriptive rating systems and processes. The presenters discuss the benefits of integrated project teams, performance metrics, PassivHaus strategies and reveal that energy savings can be delivered at market rate. Through smart design, precise construction, commissioning and testing during occupancy, heating and cooling loads can be significantly reduced and cost savings realized.

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Video: Ekotrope for Production Home Builders

Instantly compare thousands of home designs, and optimize for lower costs, energy efficiency and better business results. Cut construction costs and sell more energy-related upgrades. Learn More.

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Production Building Optimization Opportunity Report: How Production Home Builders are finding ways to reduce construction costs and energy bills simultaneously

States are adopting more stringent energy codes every year, and home buyers are becoming more educated and concerned about energy efficiency. Making smarter energy design decisions presents a huge opportunity to cut construction costs while delivering equal or superior performance, therefore increasing profitability. This report will analyze and evaluate this opportunity in greater detail.

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