Sage 100 Contractor Fast Facts: Home Builders

Get the facts about why Sage 100 Contractor is preferred by more custom home builders for the management of their construction projects.

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500,000 Projects and Counting: The Solution of Choice for More Custom and Production Home Builders

This year alone about 500,000 construction projects will be managed by Sage applications. Read what home builders are looking for in construction software.

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Fenestration in Contemporary Residential Architecture

Contemporary residential architecture attempts to maximize daylight, minimize ornamentation, and connect interiors to the outdoors. Fenestration plays a great role in achieving this aesthetic, especially when window and door products manufactured specifically for the contemporary design market are specified. This course will discuss the importance of fenestration in contemporary residential architecture both historically and today, and will identify window styles, window options, and performance measures that you will want to consider when specifying windows and doors for contemporary residences.

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FBR Gets Honest Feedback from DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen Franchisees

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen is a remodeling franchise that helps their owners earn strong financial numbers while having a focus on improving their quality of life.
In this EVP franchisees reported their satisfaction in DreamMaker’s leadership, business practices and continued overall support.

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Invest in Your Success with DreamMaker® Bath & Kitchen Interior Remodeling Franchise

DreamMaker has continued its legacy by providing extraordinarily detailed systems and tools to help entrepreneurs start and grow a remodeling business, and take existing remodeling companies to the next level.
Read the top reasons why those owners have found new levels of success.

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Flexible Module Solar Power Options (Print Course)

Solar power is increasingly becoming a viable option in new construction projects as energy prices rise and the installation cost of solar arrays come down. But despite the desire to save energy and conserve natural resources, many building projects avoid onsite power generation options because solar arrays can detract from the aesthetic of the building. Besides the often utility look of traditional rack-mounted solar modules, designing a roof structure to support the additional weight of solar modules can be both a financial and practical limitation.

Today, however, new solar module technology allows for elegant simplicity that can provide for abundant energy generation without disrupting the architectural lines of a roof. Flat, flexible, peel and stick style solar modules offer a wide range of installation options that are fast, affordable, lightweight, and attractive. As an additional benefit, new flexible solar modules are also much more durable and resilient, especially in high wind zones.

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Greenbuild 2015 UnityHome - House Tour

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Understanding Asymmetric Beam Angles

This learning unit provides a general overview of how new technologies allow for greater control of Light Emitting Diode (LED) fixtures, light quality, and light output. Also, this course defines asymmetrical beams, describes how they are created, and illustrates why LED light is an ideal technology for this new way to project light. Finally this learning unit gives guidelines for mounting and installing asymmetric beam fixtures.

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The Effects of Building Movement on Interior Finishes and Solutions (print course)

Building components, especially finishes, have to contend with many structural and environmental factors such as different types of loads that cause movement in the building. Special care must be taken when multiple materials come into contact with one another or where joints, edges, or corners are formed. Using new construction technology and products that absorb or resist movement will maximize the longevity of systems and finishes. This course will cover the types of loads and movement that may occur in a building, how they will affect interior finishes, and solutions for preventing damage to building components from movement.

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Electronic Sensor Faucets Improve Hygiene and Conserve Water in Commercial Restrooms (Print Course)

Sensing technologies based on electronics are often used for hands-free activation of plumbing fittings such as faucets to improve user accessibility, overall hygiene, and restroom cleanliness. Electronic plumbing fittings offer sanitary, touch-free operation, while conserving water and energy because they only dispense water when the sensor detects a user and can also limit water delivery duration.
The advantages of sensor-operated faucets extend beyond the public restroom to almost any other type of handwashing station, especially in applications requiring the highest levels of cleanliness. This course will cover how electronic sensor faucets improve hygiene in commercial settings and contribute to water conservation. Electronic sensor faucet technologies, applications, and industry regulations will be discussed.

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