Ekotrope Datasheet

Ekotrope is a cloud‐based solution that gives production builders an efficient, comprehensive, and accurate way to compare the cost and performance of a home’s energy‐related components (windows, doors, insulation, mechanical equipment, etc.). It gives purchasing professionals an efficient way to find the most cost-effective, quality building components, to drive lower construction costs and higher profit margins. Ekotrope helps builders gain superior control over their bottom line and mitigate risks. Learn More.

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Reach more of your customers

You know your business. We know the web. Watch this quick video to learn how we can reach more of your customers on the web.

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Meet The Rising Preference

Here why Top Builders are choosing Electrolux to be their appliance supplier of choice.

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Advancements in weather resistive barrier sheets

In this webinar Mike Sloggatt discusses weather resistive barrier (WRB) sheets, a vital part of an exterior wall system that protects a structure from water intrusion, improving building durability, enhancing energy efficiency and decreasing maintenance costs. Mike will also present the benefits of fully-adhered WRBs, the latest generation of weather resistive barriers.

Speaker Bio:

Mike Sloggatt has more than thirty year's experience, and specializes in high-end, challenging remodels near his home on Long Island. He is a frequent contributor to the Journal of Light Construction magazine and writes for Fine Homebuilding and Tools of the Trade, in addition to moderating the JLC Rough Carpentry Forum. For the past four years, Mike has been the Frame-to-Finish (Rough) Carpentry presenter for the Katz Roadshow. He teaches seminars and clinics in all aspects of carpentry and remodeling and is a regular presenter at JLC Live, The Remodeling Show and International Builders’ Show.

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Innovative Thomas & Betts electrical boxes save time and energy, while making a quality installation

Homeowners today demand increased energy efficiency, and T&B has responded with the Carlon® DraftTight® Non-Metallic Box for new construction and DraftTight® Old Work Box for existing structures. Their innovative designs feature gaskets and a flexible drywall flange over cable-entry points to seal against airflow. By eliminating the need to caulk the boxes after installation, contractors can save about five hours of installation time on a 2,200 square-foot house. Read more.

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Increase efficiency and safety with Thomas & Betts Outdoor While-In-Use-Covers and Cable Ties

Thomas & Betts (T&B) product lines for residential construction make installation quicker and easier for the contractor, and also deliver energy efficiency, safety and durability to the homeowner. T&B products reduce installation time, while complying with U.S. building and electrical codes, International Energy Conservation Code® (IECC®) requirements and insulation standards. Here are just a few new products from T&B to help save you time and increase efficiency.

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Neighborhood Renewal through Lasting Community Partnerships

Camden is regularly cited as one of the most impoverished cities in the U.S. It also features low high school graduation rates, high unemployment and residents dedicated to changing that. Hundreds of residents created a non-profit group to better their community, starting with a vision statement and mission, they have succeeded. This unit describes the steps taken to start revitalizing the Parkside neighborhood in Camden, Mass., through community engagement.

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The New Sustain-Ability: Design for All Abilities

This course looks closely at the definition and background of Universal Design. It gets you thinking broadly about sustainability, while covering the seven principles of universal design. Finally, it discusses sustainability in practice with universal design.

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Insights on Multifamily Benchmarking from EPA & Fannie Mae

There is an increasing demand for performance data in the green marketplace. But it’s been difficult to quantify, normalize and put a label on performance across building types, occupancy types, locations, and amenities. ENERGY STAR has partnered to create a performance scale for multifamily spaces. This program discusses the importance of benchmarking from performance and financial perspectives for developers, owners, property managers, designers, and tenants.

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Paseo Verde: Case Study of a LEED ND & Homes Mixed-Use TOD

Paseo Verde is the first LEED Platinum ND project completed in North America. Stakeholders from the project talk in detail about the planning, design, construction, and initial performance of this one-of-a-kind project. The “moving pieces” of this project were unique and allowed opportunities for neighborhood and community improvement that may not be duplicated.

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