Specifying for the Minimalist Luxury Kitchen: Aesthetically Pleasing, Technologically Advanced, Easy to Use

This course describes how kitchen styles have changed over the past 50 years and what demographic, cultural and social influences have brought us to this point. Based on insights from practicing kitchen designers, we look at the elements that make up a minimalist kitchen, including layout, styles, finishes and appliances.

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Fenestration in Contemporary Residential Applications

This course will present information about fenestration in contemporary residential architecture, characterized by large openings, spectacular views, and envelope treatment that blurs the border between the interior and exterior. Characteristics of both aluminum clad wood and pultruded fiberglass fenestration products will be addressed. The course will include design considerations, performance issues, and structural requirements when assembling large expanses of glass.

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Fenestration Installation for High Performance Residential Building Envelopes

Improper design and/or non-conforming application of building envelope materials has been demonstrated to cause premature building envelope failure. Architects may specify premium materials, but shortcuts and errors in the final installation can impact budgets, time frames, building life span, and increase legal liabilities.

As one of the elements that bisect the interior/exterior plane, window and door integrations are a critical element of the building envelope as a whole. Poor installations can carry significant liability, due to building envelope failure.

This course will review the components of a building envelope, their role in managing air and moisture infiltration, how windows and doors factor into this equation, and general installation processes for high performance residential fenestration.

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Selecting the Right Lighting

This learning unit provides a general overview of how to select the right approach to interior lighting. Lighting can have a major impact on the functionality, safety, mood, and healthfulness of a space. Whether for a commercial project or interior, exterior, or residential setting, selecting the right lighting strategy for a space is critical.

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Custom Lamp Creation and the Benefits of LED Lighting

This learning unit provides a general overview of how new technologies allow more control of LED fixtures, light quality, and lumens. Also, this course outlines and discusses the benefits of LED lighting compared with other traditional lamp types. Finally, architects will learn how LED fixtures can be custom crafted using extruded aluminum to provide functional, cost effective, and aesthetically interesting fixtures for commercial office or retail spaces.

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Designing with Variable Refrigerant Flow HVAC Systems – Maximizing Aesthetics, Occupant Comfort, and Energy Efficiency (Print)

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) zoning systems provide more precise comfort control and energy efficiency to buildings of all shapes and sizes, when compared to traditional HVAC systems. Design flexibility, personalized comfort, and energy efficiency are the foundations of the variable refrigerant flow cooling and heating system. This course will cover the basic technology and components of VRF systems, and will examine the design benefits and energy efficiency of these systems.

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Interactive Testimonial from Larochelle Painting

In this client testimonial Larochelle Painting describes the terrific experience she’s had as a result of working with Townsquare. Just the mobile optimization alone has significantly increased her business and made connecting with her customers effortless.

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Implementing Hybrid Roof Assemblies in Commercial Construction

Because no single roof insulation product meets all the criteria for an ideal roof, the solution for many commercial buildings may be a hybrid roof assembly that takes advantage of the favorable properties of two insulation types. There are numerous roof insulation products on the market, but this course is going to focus on stone wool and polyisocyanurate insulating roof boards, the performance properties of each, and how they can be used together for a more energy efficient and long-lasting system.

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Improving IAQ by Reducing TVOC

This learning unit will provide a general overview of how indoor air quality (IAQ) is defined and quantified today, and how poor IAQ can impact the health and safety of occupants. Also, this course will identify common contributors to poor IAQ and specifically look at how Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOCs) play an important part in understanding IAQ. As part of a strategy to improve IAQ, students will be introduced to modern flooring systems that focus on reduced TVOCs and certification programs available to better evaluate and choose healthy and durable flooring products.

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Designing Memory Care Facilities

Over the last 20 years, study after study has empirically proven something that many professionals in the design community have known, or at the very least have surmised, for awhile. The design of the built environment can have a real and tangible impact on the people within. Schools can be designed to enhance student performance. Office spaces can be designed to improve employee productivity and satisfaction. Hospitals can be designed to promote healing and minimize medical errors. One of the newest applications where the impact of design is still being realized is in long-term care facilities designed specifically to accommodate people living with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, often called memory care facilities.

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