Quantifying Performance Metrics for Occupant Experience

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and usable and the Real Estate & Workplace Services (REWS) division of Google aims to create healthy spaces that enable and inspire people to think big and perform at their best every day. This course will explain how Google thinks about performance targets for occupant experience, as well as the links between health based research and building standards. The course will also explain a strategy for translating leading edge research into performance metrics, as well as Google’s process for leveraging performance targets for occupant experience.

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Designing Biophilic Cities for Public Health

Biophilic cities are cities that place nature at the heart of their design and planning. This course will examine the importance of designing biophilic cities for public health, as well as the health impacts of nature, including stress physiology, research strategies and managed care uses. The course will also cover the implementation of biophilic design in cities and the integration of biophilic design into urban design and healthcare.

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Real Estate Sea Change : A Business Case for Zero Energy Cost Buildings

This course will seek to establish the business case for zero energy cost buildings. The course will discuss the cost and benefit implications of zero energy cost buildings compared to traditional commercial office lease space and net zero energy buildings. The course will also describe the factors that impact both first and operational costs of zero energy cost buildings, zero energy design strategies, and the process necessary to streamline zero energy cost design and construction to meet business case objectives.

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Greater New Orleans Urban Water Plan

GNO, Inc. is the economic development organization serving the ten parishes of Southeast Louisiana that created and administers the Greater New Orleans Urban Water Plan. This course will help learners gain an understanding of the development process of the Greater New Orleans Urban Water Plan and how to address governance and policy issues for implementation. You will also learn the water management concepts and tools within the Urban Water Plan and how those tools can be adapted and applied to other geographical regions.

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ARCSA's Rain Harvesting: Green Infrastructure & Sustainable Uses

The American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA) promotes sustainable rainwater harvesting practices to help solve potable, non-potable, stormwater and energy challenges throughout the world. This course will discuss the many benefits of harvesting rain and stormwater, and will demonstrate the expertise ARCSA can provide when installing rain or stormwater harvesting systems.

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Getting to the Other Green: the Impact of Deconstruction in Detroit

This course will describe a study to identify obstacles, benchmark productivity, and establish metrics for the optimization of pre-demolition salvage of building materials from vacant structures in the Springwells neighborhood of Detroit, while understanding the implications for ambient lead dispersal associated with these activities.

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The Internet is Picking Your Residents: How to Manage Your Property's Online Reputation With the Phone

Online reviews are influencing your property’s prospect base. Research shows that consumers read fewer than 6 reviews before forming an opinion. That’s not a lot of information for prospects to make a decision. And even more so, prospects are basing purchasing decisions on the opinions of your residents and past renters. Use these 4 tricks to create an online reputation strategy that works for your team.

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Marketing + Sustainability: The Tools and Tips to Tell Your Story

This course will explore tools and tips for marketers to use to tell their company’s sustainability story. The course will discuss the danger of greenwashing to sustainability marketing, how to leverage social media to market sustainability, and how marketers can create meaningful, compelling sustainability stories.

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Ensuring that Building Benchmarkers Measure Up

The EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager is a management tool and metrics calculator that provides key performance metrics to integrate into a strategic management plan such as energy and water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. This course will describe how the Portfolio Manager can improve data quality and will also describe the key benefits and strategies of a Benchmarking Proficiency Certificate Program.

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Real Time Energy Management in Three Large Multi-Tenant Buildings: A Case Study

This course will take a closer look at a case study from the NRDC looking at the claims of 10-20% energy savings in commercial buildings. It discusses the people, process and technology behind these energy savings in buildings. It looks closely at the methodology and implementation behind energy savings management and the owner/operator perspective.

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