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Frigidaire fits the demands of today’s consumers by offering a range of kitchen packages that meet every type of need and budget.

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Fluid Applied Air Barrier Systems: Advances and Applications

This course will review the latest advances in fluid applied air barrier materials. We will discuss air leakage and air leakage control, the key properties of fluid applied air barrier materials and how to specify these systems for the building envelope. Finally, we will address some specific details for installation of fluid applied air and water barrier systems and will incorporate learnings from certified installers.

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Electrolux Remodeling Solutions

Delight your homeowners by making their life easier when you choose Electrolux appliances for their next remodeling project.
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Compression-Seal Technology: A Sustainable Solution for High-Performance Windows and Doors (PRINT COURSE)

Recent changes in energy standards and codes, and federal and voluntary initiatives, are transforming the entire building landscape. In the past, a variety of different state and local codes have existed but there is now a trend towards increasing the standardization of even more stringent codes. Window and door systems require increasingly higher performance in order to achieve the new codes, standards and mandates. There are a great number of fenestration solutions available in the market, not all of which fulfill the required performance specifications. Architects and engineers will need to identify and specify high-performance window systems that meet the new energy performance criteria. High-performance windows and doors with compression-seal technology deliver solutions for energy, noise, security, blast, comfort and other challenges.

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Exploring Coloration of Fibers in Commercial Carpet - Dyeing, Testing and Specifying

A very important consideration for those specifying carpet for commercial interiors is carpet construction and fiber type. But, in addition to these factors a specifier must consider how the carpet is dyed. This course will cover carpet fiber types, different methods of dye application and types of dyestuffs, why color and pattern selection is important, and how different fiber types perform in carpet industry tests where color could be affected.

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Luxury Kitchen Ventilation: Healthy Indoor Air With Style

This course discusses the impacts of cooking on indoor air quality, and how those negative impacts can be lessened by proper ventilation. We’ll discuss what to look for in specifying a ventilation system, and how to specify the best system for the situation. And then finally, we’ll take a look at the design options available. The latter topic, the design factor, is sometimes the only thing considered. In this course, it’s the final issue we look at.

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Multigenerational Restrooms: Better Designs for One and All (Print Version)

Multigenerational design, also known as transgenerational design, is an increasingly important aspect of universal design and a major contemporary trend mirroring the dramatic societal and economic changes of the last decades. In particular, public restrooms illustrate these multigenerational trends because they serve such diverse populations. Designing them successfully is a growing challenge for architects and facility owners.

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Specifying Sustainable Insulation for Thermal and Acoustic Control (Print Version)

Archeological research reveals that insulating our homes using natural, renewable materials like fiber, wool, straw and cork, is actually as old as human history. And with good reason. Insulation is perhaps the most cost effective, straightforward path to peak functionality in the design and construction of buildings. And while many petroleum and chemical-based insulation strategies have risen up over the decades, we may be circling back around in a post-petroleum world to prefer insulation made from renewable, recycled and recyclable materials. This course describes the specification and use of these insulation materials.

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High Performance Coatings and Colors Deliver Competitive Advantage in Retail and Restaurants (Print)

While restaurants and retail stores serve very different purposes, they have a few things in common when it comes to specifying coatings. Both include public spaces that must present an attractive, inviting appearance to customers, and both have “back of the house” areas that need hard-wearing, washable coatings that can handle a lot of abuse. This course will take a closer look at the types of high performance coatings that should be specified for these types of projects.

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