Understanding Tax Benefits of 179D for Design Firms (Print Course)

This article will describe the historical relevance of Section 179D and how this tax incentive can positively impact the individual business models for architects, engineers, contractors, energy service company (ESCO), or any building professional who provides the technical specifications for a new or retrofitted property where energy efficiency is specifically addressed. Also this learning unit will outline the process required to take advantage of the Section 179D deduction and provide suggestions for successfully completing the process. Finally, this article will discuss some of the recent updates of the extension of Section 179D along with the recent ASHRAE changes for 2016 projects.


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IEQ Assessment for Energy Savings & Increased User Comfort

This course looks at how to assess post-occupancy evaluation of buildings as it affects building performance. How can we verify green building claims? The course discusses the metrics and tools used in post-occupancy evaluations of thermal comfort, and air, acoustic, and visual quality. Use of the National Environmental Assessment Toolkit is proposed as an aid in helping to link building systems to environmental quality and in understanding what should be measured, how it should be measured, and how often it should be measured.