Electronic Sensor Faucets Improve Hygiene and Conserve Water in Commercial Restrooms (Print Course)

Sensing technologies based on electronics are often used for hands-free activation of plumbing fittings such as faucets to improve user accessibility, overall hygiene, and restroom cleanliness. Electronic plumbing fittings offer sanitary, touch-free operation, while conserving water and energy because they only dispense water when the sensor detects a user and can also limit water delivery duration.
The advantages of sensor-operated faucets extend beyond the public restroom to almost any other type of handwashing station, especially in applications requiring the highest levels of cleanliness. This course will cover how electronic sensor faucets improve hygiene in commercial settings and contribute to water conservation. Electronic sensor faucet technologies, applications, and industry regulations will be discussed.

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EcoPower, The Smarter Faucet

EcoPower Faucets put water to work by supplying the very energy they consume. With no electricity or battery needed, the faucet uses a hydro-powered turbine that creates electrical current from the flow of water. Storing the current in rechargeable cells, it powers the Smart Sensor System for the next user, replenishing its charge in as little as five uses daily. This translates into reduced electricity use, lower maintenance costs and better ecology with hands-free, automatic shut-off functionality.

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