Specification Considerations for Architectural Wood Doors (Print Course)

This course is designed to increase your knowledge of architectural wood door construction needed for product specification. The course will cover door components and construction, manufacturing processes, core options, door assembly, face materials, and finish options, as well as industry standards.


Daylighting Inside and Out: Unconventional Ways to Bring More Natural Light Into and Throughout a Building

Exposure to natural light is beneficial for building occupants on many levels. We all know it intuitively and we feel better in interior spaces with natural light. Plus, studies conclusively demonstrate measurable benefits for health, moods, learning, and productivity.
The time-honored method for allowing natural light into a building is, of course, through windows. However, there are many more strategies for bringing natural light into and throughout a building. This course explores the sometimes-overlooked strategies for the flow of natural light into and throughout a building, including light tubes in closets, French doors in interiors, natural-light-flooded stairwells, sliding glass walls, and more.


Fenestration in Contemporary Residential Architecture

Contemporary residential architecture attempts to maximize daylight, minimize ornamentation, and connect interiors to the outdoors. Fenestration plays a great role in achieving this aesthetic, especially when window and door products manufactured specifically for the contemporary design market are specified. This course will discuss the importance of fenestration in contemporary residential architecture both historically and today, and will identify window styles, window options, and performance measures that you will want to consider when specifying windows and doors for contemporary residences.


Fenestration Installation for High Performance Residential Building Envelopes

Improper design and/or non-conforming application of building envelope materials has been demonstrated to cause premature building envelope failure. Architects may specify premium materials, but shortcuts and errors in the final installation can impact budgets, time frames, building life span, and increase legal liabilities.

As one of the elements that bisect the interior/exterior plane, window and door integrations are a critical element of the building envelope as a whole. Poor installations can carry significant liability, due to building envelope failure.

This course will review the components of a building envelope, their role in managing air and moisture infiltration, how windows and doors factor into this equation, and general installation processes for high performance residential fenestration.


Understanding Specifications for Clad Wood and Fiberglass Windows (Print Course)

This course delivers fundamental information needed to include written window specifications in the Bidding Documents. Recognizing the wide range of specification levels for different kinds of commercial and residential projects, this presentation will walk through a window specification and describe appropriate content for each part. With a focus on clad wood and fiberglass window applications, this program provides suggestions for writing clear, well-developed specifications.


Security Features in Revolving Doors - Moving Beyond Egress and Energy Efficiency (Print Course)

Revolving doors not only provide a means of egress and entry, but can increase the aesthetics, energy efficiency and security of a building. This article will review the different types of revolving door systems and options available, primarily focusing on security features that can greatly enhance the safety of a building and its occupants.


The New Essence Series® Patio Doors

Jeff Cain speaks from the 2015 PCBC show on the features and benefits of the Essence Series® Patio Door, focusing on the beauty of the door and its smooth quiet operation during the demonstration.

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Advanced Environmental Finishes for Windows & Doors – Field Performance and the Application Process (Print Course)

This course will discuss the painting and anodizing process, as well as considerations for architectural specifications for each finish. The course will cover the strengths and weaknesses of the two coatings and will demonstrate how each is applied to ensure a quality end product.


2015 Cost Vs. Value Report Webinar: Winners, Losers and Predicting Trends

The 2015 edition of the Cost vs. Value Report Webinar compares changes in job costs with Realtors’ perceptions of what those remodeling jobs bring to a home’s value at resale. Explore changes, winners, losers and trends in the home remodeling market.

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Top Reasons to Specify Pella® Windows: Helping You Sell More Homes Faster & Easier

For builders, service is a key aspect of their vendor relationships. That’s why Pella, the most recognized window manufacturer in the market today, strives to provide the best service all the way down the line. Read eight ways Pella serves builders better.

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