BuilderTREND: Home Owner Portal

Allow your clients to have instant access to the information for their home project. Homeowners can login from your website or their phone to a secure area showing what is coming up on their project's schedule, pictures and other important documentation.

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BuilderTREND: Mobile App

Turn your mobile device into a mobile office. Keep everyone informed by quickly managing change orders, updating schedules, marking up plans and more. The BuilderTREND mobile app also lets you share jobsite photos, instantly. With BuilderTREND on your device you can build it, you have the technology.

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7-Step Phone Skills Training for Your Leasing Agents

Ensure your staff is providing quality service to incoming prospects. Proper phone skills will allow your team to move the sales process along. See how these 7 steps will help focus your agents in handling phone leads.

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Trust But Verify: How GILBANE Reinvented Dimensional Accuracy & Control on Building Construction

Armed with a phase-shift laser scanner, a Gilbane VDC engineering team recently documented measurement discrepancies on a high-profile building construction project. This report examines why Gilbane now makes laser scanning an indispensable part of their construction management process.

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Game Changer: How a Small, Light, and More Affordable Laser Scanner Transformed the Construction Industry

There was a time when laser scanning for construction purposes seemed destined to remain a nice but unattainable idea. Then in 2010 the ground shifted. A surprisingly small, capable, and affordable laser scanner cleared the hurdles to turn the marketplace upside down. Welcome to the FARO Focus3D Laser Scanner.

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FARO Focus3D X 330 Laser Scanner Fast Facts

Get the facts on the FARO Focus3D Laser Scanner…ease of use with the automation of nearly every laser scanning process. Learn what differentiates us.

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Video: Ekotrope for Production Home Builders

Instantly compare thousands of home designs, and optimize for lower costs, energy efficiency and better business results. Cut construction costs and sell more energy-related upgrades. Learn More.

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Production Building Optimization Opportunity Report: How Production Home Builders are finding ways to reduce construction costs and energy bills simultaneously

States are adopting more stringent energy codes every year, and home buyers are becoming more educated and concerned about energy efficiency. Making smarter energy design decisions presents a huge opportunity to cut construction costs while delivering equal or superior performance, therefore increasing profitability. This report will analyze and evaluate this opportunity in greater detail.

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Ekotrope Datasheet

Ekotrope is a cloud‐based solution that gives production builders an efficient, comprehensive, and accurate way to compare the cost and performance of a home’s energy‐related components (windows, doors, insulation, mechanical equipment, etc.). It gives purchasing professionals an efficient way to find the most cost-effective, quality building components, to drive lower construction costs and higher profit margins. Ekotrope helps builders gain superior control over their bottom line and mitigate risks. Learn More.

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The Light Stuff: Energy-efficient Lighting for a Healing Environment

This course looks at the advancements and opportunities for providing energy-efficient lighting in a 24/7 environment such as a hospital. The course discusses concepts such as harvesting daylighting, which looks at the amount of lighting in a space to determine when electrical light doesn’t need to be on; tones of white light; color temperature; spectral power distribution; and color rendering of white light. The healing and emotional power of lighting is examined through various case studies such as the National Intrepid Center of Excellence, Bethesda, Maryland, a rehab center for solders suffering traumatic brain injury who are easily disoriented triggered by light, the Loyola Bone Marrow Treatment Facility Renovation, Maywood, Illinois; and the Banner Page Hospital Emergency Department addition, Page, Arizona. Lighting solutions are proposed such as minimal interior contrast, no point lighting, creating wayfinding with sconces, and using passive light.