Custom Water Feature Installed at St. Rita's Medical Facility

At St. Rita’s Regional Medical Center they incorporated a custom water feature in their healthcare facility that brings a soothing calmness to its visitors.

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Making Sustainable, Life Inspiring, Low Energy Dwellings Normal

Housing is the root and stalk of civilization, yet the current American standard is a highly defective, regressive, underperforming product. We can do better. If we’re going to house ourselves in the manner that reflects the hopes and capabilities of the 21st century, then we need to change everything.


Improving Multifamily Engagement Through Human Dimension

This course looks at how to optimize multifamily energy efficiency savings using psychosocial research results. It will help you understand the value of uncovering program participant’s intrinsic motivations. Finally, this course will help you to see how NYSERDA’s multifamily program reflected deep human insights in messaging and engagement strategies designed to support the complex set of actions associated with deep retrofit programs.


Crowdsourcing Design with the 2030 District Water Calculator

This course will teach the learners about stormwater in Seattle. It will discuss the Seattle 2030 District and 2030 Water Goal and calculator.


Gundersen Health System's Journey to Energy Independence

In this course, you will learn how and why a major US Health Care System achieved benchmark performance in energy and environmental stewardship. Through examining the journey of Gundersen Health System, understand how to approach and balance a goal of energy independence that relies on both energy efficiency and renewable energy generation. Understand some of the tools available to get the job done, while being environmentally and fiscally responsible.


Retrofitting a Single Family Home Targeting Net Zero Water

Whirlpool Corporation and the Kohler Company retrofitted a home for net zero water performance. The goal was for the home to use only the water that was available onsite. Whirlpool and Kohler will discuss the project, the equipment used in the home, the challenges and results of the water retrofit.


Green Neighborhoods as Catalysts for Workforce Development

How can green building investments and initiative serve as platforms for on-going, long-term economic development? This panel looks at how two green neighborhood initiatives (the construction of a LEED-ND in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and a renewable energy retrofit in San Francisco, CA) resulted in the creation of two ongoing sustainable workforces for at-risk youth and hard to employ workers.


The Affordability Gap: Bringing Net Zero to the 99%

Explore a new model for net zero in affordable housing using integrated design and ongoing community engagement. Recognized as the 2014 Green Builder Affordable Home of the Year, the Eco-Village community in River Falls, Wisconsin, is living proof that sustainable homes can provide tangible economic and social benefits to homeowners.


Renewable Energy Implementation at U.S. Diplomatic Missions

Unless you’ve lost your passport or been a victim of a crime overseas, you probably haven’t given much thought to U.S. diplomatic buildings abroad. We’ll give a brief introduction to U.S. diplomatic buildings and the energy challenges associated with their operation. This course will discuss the mandates under which we operate and share the finances, lessons learned, and impact of the PV program.


The SURE HOUSE: A Sustainable + Resilient Coastal Prototype

In response to Superstorm Sandy, Stevens Institute of Technology students have designed and built the SURE HOUSE, a Sustainable + Resilient prototype for flood-proof coastal housing. This course looks at the first place home in the 2015 Solar Decathlon as a study into the integration of building science, solar power, flood-proof construction.