Flow Together: Best Practices for Powering Teamwork from Collaboration Experts

Collaboration is what keeps your best work flowing. As technology advances and team members spend more time away from their desks, having the tools to collaborate wherever they go becomes more important. We’ve compiled some best practices and ideas from thought leaders in this space. Learn how fostering a collaborative culture can turn your next project into your team’s best work.

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Accelerating Collaboration in Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Collaboration is the cornerstone of any successful project. Watch our webinar with Alex Serriere, CTO of TEECOM, to learn how workplace tech choices impact productivity for an increasingly mobile and distributed workforce.

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Brandt Industrial: How a Texas Mechanical Service Company Works More Efficiently with Dropbox

As the largest mechanical equipment services company in TX, if equipment breaks down in schools, hospitals, and office buildings, the Brandt team dispatches its technicians. Brandt realized it had a problem when there was no easy way for headquarters to collaborate on service call-related documents with the field. Learn how they implemented Dropbox Business with a 300% ROI.

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How Technology is Disrupting the Construction Industry

In this video, watch how Built, one of Australia's largest and fastest-growing private construction groups, is adopting technology to set itself apart from its competitors.

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Solving Moisture Issues with Rapid Drying Concrete

This course will discuss moisture in concrete slabs and solutions to end slab moisture issues such as flooring failures, mold, warping or curling, and excessive drying times. One solution to these moisture related problems is utilizing a rapid drying concrete. Rapid Drying Concrete is a ready-mix concrete solution for preventing moisture-related floor covering failures, an industry-wide problem that costs millions of dollars annually in damage, downtime, repair and replacement.


Fleet Management Buyer's Guide

If your business relies on a fleet of drivers and vehicles to service your customers and bring in revenue, then tracking your assets should be a top priority.

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TAIPEI 101 & LEED v4: Building on Unprecedented Performance

In June 2016 TAIPEI 101 received LEED v4 O+M Platinum Recertification with a record-setting 90 points. This session will analyze why v4 is chosen to maintain the highest level of sustainable operations and the business benefits to TAIPEI 101, and how to engage with occupants to raise green awareness.


Integrating LEED ND and SITES into Your Design Approach

A design framework based on the LEED ND v4 and SITES v2 rating systems and the integrative design process can become a working tool for your design approach that leads projects, whether they become certified or not, to better integrated solutions, more sustainable designs, and higher performing outcomes.


Greening Existing Neighborhoods with LEED-ND & EcoDistricts

A panel shares their experiences and lessons learned in turning an underrepresented neighborhood into a green and healthy community using LEED-ND v4 and EcoDistricts approaches. The discussion will include resiliency, issues of self-sufficiency, and community process along with creating design guidelines and developing programs to support a sustainable community.


Design as Medicine: Upstream Drivers of Health

Embodied cognition is theory that emphasizes the impact of the built environment on human behavior. The WELL Building Standard offers a set of guidelines and design strategies that shape environments. Join our team of physicians, designers and strategists to learn more about the role design plays in motivating healthy decisions.