The Importance of Windows in Building Envelope Performance

This course looks at how windows contribute to the durability, healthiness, and energy efficiency of the building envelope, and how proper specification and installation helps prevent unwanted air and moisture infiltration. The case studies outlined in this course will illustrate how window strategies helped create a more effective building envelope.


Designing Ventilated Facades With Architectural Ultra High Performance Concrete (Print Course)

After completion of the course, participants will understand the inter-related elements of the back-ventilated and drained-cavity (BVDC [open-joint, “rainscreen” systems]) wall designs that determine performance, cost, and visual appearance and be equipped with questions and a framework to qualify manufacturers and work collaboratively to develop design solutions and specifications that leverage the unique advantages of Architectural UHPC.


Vibration Control with Structural Steel (Print Course)

Concrete has been the traditional choice for most buildings where vibration must be kept to a minimum, but steel is emerging as a preferred solution. Factors unrelated to vibration control often make steel a preferable structural option. This course will look at how vibration affects occupants' comfort and peace of mind, and how steel can be used in a design to accommodate human perception of vibration.


Vector Graphics In Architectural Laminated Glass (Print Course)

Photography and other digital images are increasingly popular choices for incorporating design elements into indoor and outdoor laminated glass features. This course explores vector graphics in detail, examines their use in laminated glass, and describes the new technologies and tools designers can use to create vector designs from a wider array of images and in large-scale applications. Project samples are included.


Targeting Carbon in the Fight Against Climate Change (Print Course)

The building industry is working to embrace its responsibility as a major contributor to climate change. More recently, the Architecture 2030 Challenge has added a Product Challenge to its overall mission to drive embodied carbon in buildings and building products down to zero by the year 2030. Urging architects to help lead this major industry transformation, advocates are encouraging specifications of low- to no-carbon product alternatives in design specifications.


Sustainable Extruded Aluminum Trim Profiles Deliver Aesthetics and Durability (Print Course)

With today’s focus on green materials, detailing needs to meet both an architectural design aesthetic and sustainability requirements. Specifying extruded aluminum trim for use with fiber cement siding is one instance where a knowledge of detailing can contribute to both. This course will identify the sustainability features of extruded aluminum architectural trim as well as its benefits, design options and moisture management considerations.


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Thermostat Choices: How Technology Is Driving Demand

In a world where convenience and concerns are so vastly different, understanding a home owners needs and consulting to make every piece of their home fit those needs is essential.

Sharon O’Malley shares her expertise and thoughts on the 3 basic thermostat choices. She’ll dive into:

  • The benefits of saving energy on heating and cooling.
  • Saving money with programmable thermostats.
  • Programmable vs. “smart” thermostats.
  • How builders can benefit.
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    FlowGuard Gold® Pipe & Fittings

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    Surfaces Get Stronger

    This course will discuss High-Performance Surfaces for Bath and Kitchen, Basic Types of Polymer Surfaces, Compression-Molded Solid Surface Product Uses & Comparisons, Compression-Molded Solid Surface Applications, What to Look for When Specifying, and Maintenance Features. You will also learn about the processes used for manufacturing these products, how to describe these next-generation materials to clients, and designing kitchens and bathrooms for increased durability and sustainability.