Do operational statistics really present an accurate picture of building energy performance? Presenters define the difference between operational and asset ratings, and why operation metrics may not paint an accurate picture of potential performance. As we continually seek to improve performance we may have to step beyond what is happening and implement what is possible. Tools and ordinances seeking to do just that are discussed in this thought-provoking program.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand current efforts to enhance building energy rating systems at the federal level as well as in Massachusetts and California and findings from pilot projects to develop new rating methods
  • Understand the importance of improved access to information related to a building’s energy use as a means to quality a building’s energy performance in the real estate and financial matters
  • Analyze the benefits and constraints of “operational” and “asset” rating and benchmarking systems for commercial properties
  • Understand the preliminary results of asset rating pilots and future trajectory to encourage the development of “asset” rating methodologies