Thin, large format porcelain panels provide all of the beneficial characteristics of porcelain tile but in a product that is less than ΒΌ inch thick and lighter in weight. Its technical capabilities allow it to be used in more interior and exterior applications, it is more environmentally friendly than thicker and heavier products, and it is appropriate for use in both new construction and renovation projects. This course will cover the characteristics of thin, large format porcelain tile, interior and exterior applications, specification and installation considerations, and green building contributions of the product.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify and recognize the characteristics of large format, thin porcelain panels as defined by industry standards.
  • Explain the life cycle of porcelain panels from raw material extraction, through manufacturing, building installation and use, and end of service life.
  • Assess the safety and functional contributions of large format thin porcelain panels as they contribute to healthy and sustainable design over their full cycle.
  • Specify thin porcelain panels in a variety of green and conventional buildings and formulate appropriate selections related to specific applications.