Radiant barriers that come attached to structural sheathing provide an effective way to reduce energy loss through the roof assembly. This course will provide an overview of radiant barrier sheathing. It will explain the scientific principles behind heat transfer, and then explore the various applications and best installation practices for radiant barrier sheathing. Case studies will quantify the energy-saving benefits of using radiant barrier sheathing. Finally, this learning unit will explain how radiant barrier sheathing can contribute to green building and energy efficiency programs.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define the forms of heat transfer
  • Understand how radiant barriers affect heat transfer through roof systems
  • Describe the benefits of radiant barrier sheathing in both a heating and cooling environment
  • Discuss radiant barrier sheathing applications and their function, as well as key installation methods
  • Explain how radiant barrier sheathing can contribute to energy efficiency and green building programs