This course will provide a survey of the most common residential siding options, including an in-depth exploration of treated engineered wood siding. This learning unit will identify the pros and cons of each residential siding option, and will also explore the environmental impacts of each throughout its life cycle. Finally, this course will explore ways in which treated engineered wood siding can contribute to earning points or meeting standards of leading green building certification programs.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the major categories of siding and describe the main options available in each category
  • List the pros and cons of various residential siding options
  • Describe the advantages of treated engineered wood siding, and explain how the product’s unique chemistry contributes to its durability
  • Discuss the environmental impacts of various residential siding options, as related to the product’s Life Cycle Assessment
  • Explain how treated engineered wood siding can contribute points or meet standards required by leading green building certification programs