ARIDUS® Rapid Drying Concrete Project Profile: Billy Earl Dade Middle School Replacement

Get a quick highlight of how the team cut their construction schedule by 30%.

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ARIDUS® Rapid Drying Concrete Project Profile: Providence Medical Center

"Read how the project team for the Providence Medical Center used Aridus Rapid Drying Concrete to help:

  • Reduce Risk of Excess Moisture Vapor
  • Address Mold and Mildew Concerns
  • Install Flooring Faster

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ARIDUS® Rapid Drying Concrete Project Profile: Stadium

See why ARIDUS® Rapid Drying Concrete is ideal for projects with tight time constraint. Read about this stadium renovation that called for rubber coatings over a concrete floor.

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ARIDUS® Rapid Drying Concrete Project Profile: High Tech Company

This project was a tenant improvement project with a very short construction schedule. Read the project highlights here.

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ARIDUS® Rapid Drying Concrete Project Profile: High Tech Manufacturing Center

See how the project team met the two major goals set forth - low risk and quick completion date.

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ARIDUS® Rapid Drying Concrete Fast Facts

Cut project costs and time on concrete slab projects. See why Aridus Rapid Drying Concrete was honored at the 2013 World of Concrete with the Editor's Choice Award for the Most Innovative Product in the Construction Materials Category.

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When Floor Failure Isn't an Option: The Aridus® Rapid Drying Concrete Breakthrough

See why general and concrete contractors, owners and designers are excited about Aridus Rapid Drying Concrete. The accelerated drying time is a proven winner that helps save time and money.

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Avoid the Impacts of Flooring Failures

AridusĀ® Concrete is a scientifically engineered rapid drying concrete that consumes excess water, thereby preventing moisture problems from the very beginning by accelerating the concrete drying time. It is the only concrete solution for preventing floor covering failures.

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Aridus Rapid Drying Concrete - The Billy Dade School Project

AridusĀ® is a proprietary concrete mix that reduces the drying time and risks associated with excess moisture vapor in concrete slabs, enabling faster, more effective floor topping installations. Aridus is the first ready-mix concrete solution to floor covering failures, an industry wide problem that cost millions of dollars annually. Take a look at our most recent project.

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