Eco Sound Barrier Fast Facts

Read some of the reasons why Eco Sound Barrier wins ASCE's top honor for innovation in sustainability in this fact filled Q&A.

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Highway Noise Barrier Breakthrough Cuts Labor & Installation Costs by 20%, Wins Top ASCE Award

This Executive Viewpoint talks about the difference between traditional roadway sound barriers and CENTRIA's Eco Sound Barrier. See why it's superior to precast solutions and how it can be a high cost savings.

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CENTRIA Sound Barrier - A Revolution in Sound Barrier Technology

Made of lightweight composite materials, this new technology allows for high cost savings over traditional precast barriers. View this video to learn about all the benefits and hear some highlights from the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission's installation.

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A Real Alternative to Precast Highway Sound Barriers

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is the first to use innovative new product. Read how the the PA Turnpike chose the CENTRIA's Eco Sound Barrier materials and the resulting savings.

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Eco Sound Barrier - The smart alternative to traditional precast barriers

Eco Sound Barrier features a unique combination of customization, quality, and affordability. See how this eco-friendly solution is the perfect choice for your project.

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