Over the millennia, uses of brick have evolved and adapted to a frequently changing market. Mechanically anchored brick rainscreen assemblies, which are different from both traditional brick and thin brick adhered veneer, offer aesthetic, durable, cost-effective solutions.

Fully engineered, anchored brick rainscreen systems are viable for Class A construction, meet the principles of ASHRAE 90.1, and are a fraction of the weight of traditional brick. They are mechanically and permanently anchored to trays or rails, eliminating both the reliance on adhesives as well as the problem of delimiting brick. The systems also provide continuous insulation, rear ventilation, and an uninterrupted air/moisture barrier, and the sub-framing is thermally broken. Brick rainscreens can be installed in any weather, so there is no need for tenting, and fewer journeymen are needed to install these assemblies. Mechanically anchored brick rainscreen assemblies are a high-performing solution that meets the demands of a challenging, changing market.