ICFs Today: The Essential Update

This seminar is a one-stop update on all the important recent developments with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs). You’ll learn about the recent ground-breaking test results that finally and categorically prove the actual thermal performance impact of an ICF’s concrete core.

You’ll also see the latest head-to-head case studies versus wood-frame and CMU and you’ll be updated on all the latest market trends as well as all the recent product innovations.

This one hour seminar is a must-see for anyone considering building or designing with ICFs.


Building Better Mid-Rise Multi-Family Buildings with Insulated Concrete Forms

This course will familiarize you with the benefits of using insulated concrete forms, or ICFs, for mid-rise multi-family buildings, including outlining the specific, and often subtle, advantages of using ICF’s over conventional construction for this building type.

It will also introduce you to the variety of form shapes, widths, and technologies that allow ICFs to meet the challenges of most concrete construction demands and design conditions today.