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Sealing the Envelope with Insulated Metal Panels (Print Course)

Insulated metal panels are a single-component solution to effectively seal the building envelope. IMPs can function in all climate zones and achieve the goals of a perfect or universal wall. They are manufactured as a single-component solution to prevent water, air, and vapor intrusion and effectively manage heat flow between control layers and the interior and exterior of a building. IMPs also act as a continuous insulation in an energy-efficient building assembly. This course will describe how IMPs control water, air, vapor, and heat transfer and their role in continuous insulation, as well as how they fit into a perfect wall assembly.


Innovative Materials Help Energy Innovation Center Earn LEED Platinum Certification and Historic Tax Credits (Print Course)

The newly renovated, LEED Platinum Energy Innovation Center (EIC), is a collaborative hub that supports the Pittsburgh region’s emerging clean technologies. High-tech building materials can be found throughout the historic facility, showcasing chemistry as a sustainable solution and helping the Energy Innovation Center maintain its sustainable footprint.


Specifying Fluid-Applied Coatings in Roofing Project Design (Print Course)

Choosing a liquid roofing product involves an understanding of the project and surface application needs. Application of a one or two coat liquid-applied roof membrane and a roof membrane with a weatherable topcoat can be considered in a roofing application.

As a building professional, it is worthwhile to consider the physical properties of liquid-applied roof coatings with and without reinforcement, as the physical properties can help determine what products are best suited to a specific application.


New Clay Roofing Trends: Emerging Directions & Future Applications (Print Course)

This particular study marries architectural research and design forecasting practices to review the clay roof market under a forensic “design microscope.” Much of the material presented highlights emerging trends for Early Adopters to Early Majority consumers of luxury contemporary design and is ideal for architects, builders, and developers focused on that segment. Additionally, a portion of the material presented identifies more progressive design topics, which highlights “out-of-the-box” ideas for custom residential and commercial projects.


Copper is at Our CORE

By combining old world craftsmanship with modern day practices, Fabral provides the highest quality and affordable products you demand. With un-matched service and engineers on staff, you can order copper with ease. We have the products, the manufacturing and the know-how. We offer everything you need for the total building envelope solution. At our core, we relish a challenge.

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