Timeline is Everything: The Path to CarbonPositive

The climate emergency requires us to act now. What are the challenges of the building sector now and over the next 30 years? What are the critical interim and long term carbon targets? How do we begin to address them through planning and policy, design and practice, building and manufacturing?

Over the next 4 decades, the world is projected to construct 230 billion square meters (2.5 trillion square feet) of buildings, an area roughly equal to the current worldwide building stock, or the equivalent of adding another New York City to the planet every 34 days for the next 40 years.

CarbonPositive outlines an immediate and comprehensive plan of action for rapidly decarbonizing all aspects of the building sector, and strategies for planning, designing, building and manufacturing a future where buildings, developments and entire cities are constructed to use sustainable resources, generate surplus renewable energy, and convert atmospheric carbon into durable materials and products.

This content was produced thanks to funding from the AIA California as part of the CarbonPositive Conference, a partnership between Architect Magazine and Architecture 2030.


2030 is the New 2050: How to Speed Delivery on Global Promises Now

The next 10 years are critical to the global climate movement. How far behind are we on delivering on the promise of the Paris Agreement? Why is the building sector poised to make a difference? How can we take action in our cities and local communities? And how can we best support immediate and impactful actions and policies on the international stage?

This content was produced thanks to funding from the AIA California as part of the CarbonPositive Conference, a partnership between Architect Magazine and Architecture 2030.


#BuildersAreEssential webinar Series: How LBM Dealers Are Navigating Through the Coronavirus

The coronavirus has taken the world by storm. As with any severe storm or natural disaster, companies should have a business continuity plan in place to ensure they can navigate their way through any associated challenges.

Hear the discussion: The best ways to keep your employees and customers safe; How to preserve revenue during a stay-at-home order; and What to look for that could indicate an economic turnaround.

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2020 LBM Employee Recruitment, Retention, and Training Report

The LBM industry has grown steadily for nine years, with the top 100 ProSales dealers growing their combined revenue to $61.46 billion, according to the 2019 ProSales 100 report. However, this success doesn’t mean the industry is without its challenges. The biggest challenges are in hiring, training, and retaining quality employees, according to more than half (58%) of ProSales magazine readers in a 2019 survey.

In response to this industrywide challenge, Dealer’s Choice and ProSales magazine conducted a joint survey, in 2020, to benchmark the hiring, retention, and training practices of construction supply dealers. The research found that most dealers have recruitment, retention, and training practices, but the degree to which they offer them varies greatly.

Commissioned by:
Dealers’ Choice

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#BuildersAreEssential Webinar Series: Cash Crash-Course

Now available on demand, episode 2 of the #BuildersAreEssential webinar series—Cash Crash-Course—turns the focus to the existential threat to business viability and the dire need to access cash – both to deal with pauses, and to offset revenue misses due to disruption, as well as other disconnects in the flow of vital resources to the industry right now.

Watch the 30-minute conversation with Steve Friedman, director at CohnReznick, and John McManus, Editorial Director of Hanley Wood’s Residential Group, as they help navigate the cash crunch peril builders face as a threat to survival.

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#BuildersAreEssential Webinar Series: Why Essential Matters Now

This webcast explores what “essential” means in the face of recent policies ordering businesses to press pause, and how construction companies and building supply chains are navigating the impact as we are squeezed between an unprecedented public-health emergency and looming economic catastrophe.

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2020 Builder Brand Use Study

Each year, BUILDER commissions an in-depth study surveying what brands builders recognize and use most and how they rate the products' quality. In our annual survey, builders select the building product brands they know best and use most across over 50 categories.

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Specifying for Sustainable Design with Architectural Zinc Roofing and Wall Cladding

Titanium-Zinc, as a building material, is consistently chosen as a green alternative to many other materials. It is efficient to produce, has almost no waste, lends itself to a variety of design styles, and requires little to no maintenance once installed.

This course will provide an overview of the Titanium-Zinc alloy used in sustainable architectural applications; a study of the metal’s properties, aesthetics, technical aspects, manufacturing process, and appropriate design applications. An overview of the environmental aspects of zinc and how to choose a manufacturer completes the agenda.


PropTech Investments to Improve Your Multifamily Portfolio

Your Multifamily Technology Opportunity: How, when and why offering better physical security and broader property technology solutions increases your revenue.

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Five Ways to Eliminate the Biggest Challenges Property Managers Face Today

How might a facility, property or asset management company respond to challenges so they can spend more time attracting reliable tenants and increasing revenue?

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