Targeting Profitability through Customer Stratification

Boost profitability through customer stratification. Customer stratification is a tool that can help your organization identify which clients warrant greater investments of your time and energy and which ones erode your profits by overloading your resources with demands. The practice of customer stratification allows LBM business leaders to focus on their best customers and minimize time on unprofitable partnerships.

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Choosing an LBM Technology partner

How 3 key themes are the frame we use to help you choose the right tools to streamline operations, drive growth, thrive and compete.

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How to Outperform in an Era of LBM Sales Growth

Discover strategies and tools used by top LBM dealers and distributors to capitalize on periods of growth to become more efficient, more profitable, and better positioned competitively. If your business isn’t growing faster than your competitors’ business, you’re losing market share. And it’s relative growth that counts - because relative growth impacts your purchasing power, customer perception, and competitive positioning.

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How to Know When You’ve Outgrown Your Current Software Solution

If you’ve started to think your lumber and building materials (LBM) supply business could be getting more from your software solution, then this document may provide some food for thought. The relationship between your business and your software solution are clear. Software system upgrades are not decisions to take lightly. Read these 10 indicators that you have outgrown your current solution and ready to move on to a new option.

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Seven Steps to Achieving Loyal LBM Customers

It makes good business sense to treat your customers well and keep them coming back. It’s likely no secret to you that loyal customers are important to the success of your LBM business. What you may not know is that small changes in your behavior can have a huge impact. Using data and capabilities of this industry leading business management software can improve customer experience and, consequently, customer loyalty.

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Increasing Sales Performance Using Mobile Technologies

Mobile sales technologies can turn go-betweens into top sales people. For most lumber and building materials (LBM) dealers and distributors, their outside sales people are critical to the success of their company. As the company’s eyes and ears on jobsites, outside sales people often find opportunities and foster the company’s relationships with key contractors and builders, architects and other construction supply companies.

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Costs of Running Outdated Software

Learn how the Epicor software solutions can help LBM businesses gain actionable data, improve workflow, streamline delivery, and offer superior customer service.

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The Rise of Gabled Modern Architecture: From Origins to Future Directions (Print Course)

The Gabled Modern is an architectural design trend that was only labeled as such in recent years. Because of this, its origins and rise to prominence are largely unknown and misunderstood. Readers will explore the origins of Gabled Moderns in historical architectural vernacular and learn which style and design characteristics are shared, and how the modern trends deviate from traditional uses.

Next, a discussion of the primary trends influencing Gabled Moderns will help explain what is causing this design trend to propel into mainstream architecture, and the various ways the Gabled Modern style can be applied.

Finally, a brief discussion of how different roofing trends can be used with Gabled Modern homes will help readers to pinpoint innovations in architectural design.


How Toll Brothers Drives Value with Storage Solution Options

Toll Brothers, Inc. is the homebuilding industry’s number-one performer in seven out of nine categories, according to Fortune magazine. Consider, for example, a single revenue metric - the average income generated from home upgrades and site premiums. This homebuilder meets buyers’ growing desire for custom closets with an important component of the selection process: the new home’s storage systems.

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Clarifying Product Transparencies - Life Cycle Assessment, Environmental and Health Product Declarations (Print Course)

The best route to a sustainable building is knowing what’s in the materials used to build it, but questions remain among manufacturers and buyers about how to evaluate and compare the environmental profiles of similar building products and materials.

Product transparency reports like Environmental Product Declarations, Health Product Declarations and Declare labels help meet this challenge.

This course will discuss how these tools collectively provide information about the environmental performance and impact of products and offer an objective means of comparing similar products.