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Home for Life is designed to showcase the concepts of universal design and aging in place—a hot topic for remodelers and consumers alike.

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Exclusive Research: Gauging Student Living Preferences

To satisfy both cost and quality-of-life concerns, most students have moved off campus into modernized student housing, and competition for their rent dollars hinges around several key factors. In this webinar, Joseph Batdorf, president of J Turner Research, reveals the most significant results of “Gauging Student Living Preferences,” a survey of 7,095 graduate and undergraduate students prepared exclusively for Multifamily Executive.

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Vision 2020: Cost Effective High Performance Building

Building science expert Mark LaLiberte dives into how a focus on health, performance, affordability, and efficiency should change the way you build a home.

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Vision 2020: Materials + Products | Evaluating Toxicants in Product Selection

Tom Lent of the Healthy Building Network and Paula McEvoy of Perkins+Will walk through the hazards and challenges of evaluating building products for toxicants and how it may influence design and manufacturing processes and material disclosure going forward.

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Sign up to download your digital copy of the exclusive 2014 MULTIFAMILY EXECUTIVE CONCEPT COMMUNITY REPORT, a detailed analysis of what residents most want in their apartment and community.

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Air Sealing: Guide for Contractors to Share with Homeowners Report

This guide will help homeowners identify ways to make their homes more comfortable, more energy efficient, and healthier to live in and will provide contractors and remodelers with the necessary supporting documentation to explain the value of these air sealing measures to their customers.

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Building Design + Performance | Open Building: A Critical Component in Sustainable, High-Performance Housing

Tedd Benson of Bensonwood Homes and Stephen Kendall, Ph.D., of Infill Systems US, explore the concept of open building and how its wide-spread adoption could change how we design homes going forward, creating more flexibility and durability.

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Building the Foundation

Robert Sahadi of the Institute for Market Transformation, Laura Reedy Stukel of Not YET Green Consulting, and Sandra K. Adomatis of Adomatis Appraisal Service will describe some of the new measures being taken to include energy efficiency in mortgages and appraisals.

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Rapidly Changing Codes

What You Need to Know About Green Building, presented by Jay Hall, Ph.D., Jay Hall & Associates. Energy codes have been changing dramatically over the last several years, and green programs have been scrambling to keep up. Anything built to code today will become obsolete more quickly than a building built to a beyond-code spec. Green building is now the incubator for coming code changes.

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Vision 2020 Manufacturers’ Council

For the third conference call in our Vision 2020 series, we turn the tables and have key sustainability representatives from each of the program’s sponsor companies report to the Vision 2020 section chairs on each manufacturer’s sustainable goals and measures of tracking progress. In this call, we host a round table discussion among the representatives about the challenges, opportunities, key issues, and processes of green product manufacturing.

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