All About Wood

Wood is a natural, reproductive, raw material and one of the first materials processed by human beings. Its special properties _ easy workability, high strength, low weight and decorative appearance _ make wood a material with the same high development potential as stone, metal and plastic. Structure, properties, veneers and materials are all covered in this must-read article.

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Build a More Accurate Scribing Tool

A carpenter is only as good as his scribing tool and scribing is an important part of any installation job; one that requires precision. After being frustrated with inconsistent results from using a standard compass and pencil, I felt it was possible to make a better scribing tool and I believe I did - here's how.

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FlowGuard GoldĀ® Pipe & Fittings

FlowGuard Gold® piping & fittings are highly durable and functional plumbing systems that can be used in both residential and commercial applications.
See why it is the trusted choice of home builders and home buyers.

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