In Pursuit of Acoustical Equity (Print Course)

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted intense review of workplace design considerations and solutions. Amongst the A&D community, there is growing conviction that occupant well-being and engagement must be supported through concern with equity—and applied to real-world needs such as acoustical privacy. To reliably design buildings to function acoustically for their users (e.g., provide adequate speech privacy, freedom from distraction, reduced annoyance, a good night’s sleep, and so on), one needs to establish a known and consistent level of spectrally neutral background sound.


RBA Architects Case Study

TestFit allows users to solve site plans faster, validate assumptions in real-time, and eliminate wasted opportunity costs. This case study shows real life examples of how it has been used to win multifamily bids and ensure maximum efficiency.

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Tips & Tricks for More Effective Moisture Management

This eBook is full of information on moisture management strategies to protect your buildings from unwanted air, water, and weather. It also provides a system design tool as well as a bonus guide to basic codes and test requirements.

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Specifying Low-VOC Architectural and Industrial Maintenance Coatings to Meet Air Quality Standards (Print Course)

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are chemicals emitted as gases from certain solids and liquids, including architectural and industrial maintenance coatings. VOCs are the leading cause of ground-level air pollution and indoor air pollution, which can adversely impact the health of building occupants.

This course will examine the importance of indoor air quality and how it is impacted by VOCs. We will discuss how VOCs are regulated at both the federal and state level, including exemptions, classifications, and how these regulations affect Architectural and Industrial Maintenance (AIM) Coatings. There are new regulations on the horizon that you should be aware of, as coating manufacturers work to develop products that achieve a balance between important performance and application factors and their environmental ramifications. The course will also explore coating technologies that already meet strict VOC standards.


2021 Annual Exterior Trends Report

This guide provides pro-tips on using the latest design trends to create beautiful and compelling homes.

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The Silver Lining Behind the Residential Construction Labor Issue

If your goals are less worker fatigue, reduced waste and improved price consistency, this paper gives you options.

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Greater Heights and Innovative Design: A New Generation of Tilt-Up Buildings (Print Course)

Tilt-up is a method of construction whereby large concrete panels are cast horizontally on site and then raised into final position, usually vertical, with a crane. This building system, which was conceptualized in the early 1900s, is used throughout North America and across the globe. Once considered a method suitable only for large warehouses, today tilt-up construction is employed on virtually every building type, from distribution centers to schools, churches, libraries, retail centers, and office buildings. It has become the method of choice for many developers, designers, and contractors because of its numerous benefits.

This course presents the latest advances in tilt-up concrete technology, which provide economical, energy-efficient, and durable building solutions for a variety of project types, and focuses on several case studies.


Contemporary Design for Changing Times: How Windows and Doors Influence Architecture (Print Course)

The COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, and other forces are changing the face of architecture, including a gravitation toward more contemporary styles and solutions. Many of the related architectural elements — including windows and doors — are rooted in principles introduced by modernists nearly a century ago. This course will closely examine the connection between current events and fenestration design, the enduring influence of modern architecture, design trends and influences in contemporary architecture, and fenestration options for contemporary window and door solutions.


State of the Industry Report 2021: Four Headaches in Multifamily Housing

The effects of the last year rippled through the multifamily industry in a number of ways. Read about 4 challenges currently impacting the multifamily housing market.

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Redefining the High-End Healthy Home

The idea that the design of a home has an impact on the health and well-being of its residents is not new. Read how luxury single and multifamily residential design is responding to a post-pandemic need to maintain and improve the health of inhabitants.

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