Why is foam insulation better than fiberglass?

DAP Draftstop 812 is a low pressure, polyurethane foam designed to fill gaps around windows and doors. It is moisture resistant and will not crack or split.

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Sustainable Design for Windows

It has become very important for architects to understand how to choose a sustainable window and window frame system that will promote comfort, energy efficiency, durability, and longevity through quality construction. Learn more about Sustainable Design for Windows and how choosing an ENERGY STAR® rated window can contribute towards LEED for Homes credit.


Housing's Next Frontier

Net Zero Homes are estimated to grow 33% from 2015-2016 alone, but why are they accounting for less than 1% of the U.S. housing stock?
Learn how you can boost your sales of Net Zero homes!

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A Better Way to Build

Five leaders of modular home construction share their informed perspectives on one of the housing industry’s most compelling topics.

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2019 Trends in Windows & Doors: BIG is the window and door trend

Doors and windows have been expanding in size over the past several years, and there seems to be no end in sight. The 10-foot door is the new normal, while window walls can open up the whole side of a room to the outside, and windows mulled together can create a viewing plane of immense proportions. Read more about the 2019 trends.

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Resilient Windows for Resilient Homes: Go Beyond Code

Many decisions go into building a home. One of the most critical decisions? Windows. As homes across the US face threats from varied weather events, builders and homeowners are focusing on storm preparedness. In selecting windows for a project, builders and general contractors need to consider relevant window ratings, the materials used to make them and the installation techniques.

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Choosing a Window Brand: Steering Homeowners to the Right Choice

Eliminate expensive, reputation-damaging callbacks. Brand choice is critical when it comes to windows. Compared to other building materials, windows have to satisfy a varied menu of standards. Being a construction pro, you know how important it is to carefully choose the product brands you offer clients.

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Grandfather Homes: Video

For truly customized windows outside and in, hear why Grandfather Homes chose JELD-WEN window and door products for this new home project. Experience inspiration.

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Paradigm Building Group: Why JELD-WEN Video

In this exclusive series, learn why companies like Paradigm Building Group choose to work with JELD-WEN. Take a look at what makes JELD-WEN the perfect fit when it comes to finding the right window or door solutions for their customers.

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Three Reasons You’ll Love Wood Windows E-book

Wood windows have come a long way. Options and selections have expanded from even 20 years ago. Wood was once the only material with which windows were made. Now, there are other options but the beauty and distinction of wood cannot be replicated. Welcome to the world of possibilities. Let's talk about why you’ll love our wood windows. Explore this booklet to learn three reasons: versatility, performance and value.

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