Exposure to natural light is beneficial for building occupants on many levels. We all know it intuitively and we feel better in interior spaces with natural light. Plus, studies conclusively demonstrate measurable benefits for health, moods, learning, and productivity.
The time-honored method for allowing natural light into a building is, of course, through windows. However, there are many more strategies for bringing natural light into and throughout a building. This course explores the sometimes-overlooked strategies for the flow of natural light into and throughout a building, including light tubes in closets, French doors in interiors, natural-light-flooded stairwells, sliding glass walls, and more.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine the beneficial effects of daylight on building occupants.
  • Discuss unconventional daylighting options with windows and skylights for energy conservation and healthy natural ventilation.
  • Describe unconventional daylighting options with French doors, patio doors and sliding glass walls that increase views and decrease need for artificial lighting.
  • Examine case studies where adding extra natural lighting played a major part in the design of a green building.