In the design of building enclosures an emerging alternative is the use of spray foam insulation as exterior continuous insulation featuring the ability to resist heat, water, vapor and air movement in an uninterrupted, continuous performance installation. A significant outcome is the control of moisture mechanisms in buildings.

How spray foam insulation’s water resistive, air barrier and insulation characteristics help to control moisture is examined in detail. That it is a proven option that offers such performance in addition to allowing for design freedom and flexible installation is also discussed.

Learning Objectives

  • Investigate the use of spray foam insulation to achieve multiple performance traits in one product, including thermal, air, and water resistance.
  • Identify the characteristics of high-performance continuously spray foam insulated exterior wall assemblies in relation to bulk water control.
  • Explore how the air barrier and insulation performance characteristics of spray foam insulation can improve wall durability by controlling and preventing moisture issues from occurring in exterior walls.
  • Assess the ability of spray foam insulation to be installed in a variety of design environments and considerations.