Lightweight, impact resistant and easily moldable, plastic polycarbonate is an extremely versatile and effective building material. As a highly viable alternative to glass, the material is long lasting and exceptionally durable at less than half the weight of glass. This learning unit outlines the advantages of polycarbonate construction applications, outlining the benefits offered through solar performance, durability as well as thermal and acoustic performance of polycarbonate rooftop systems.

Learning Objectives

  • Compare and evaluate the benefits and advantages of polycarbonate construction applications to other translucent building materials;
  • Gather key solar performance, durability, thermal insulation and acoustic performance data for polycarbonate rooftop systems;
  • Gain insights into the pros and cons and assorted applications for polycarbonate solid sheets vs. corrugated vs. multiwall; and
  • Realize the benefits of partnering with manufacturers who provide a wide range of polycarbonate solutions, along with technical and consulting services.