Today’s refined, stylish synthetic turf appears amazingly indistinguishable from the most luxurious, well-groomed natural lawn, but without mud, pesticides, maintenance, and other drawbacks of dirt-based grass. Advancements in materials, colors, thatch, thickness, and other factors have widened the range of applications for high-quality synthetic turf. This course explains the evolution and benefits of synthetic turf, and vastly expanded applications available to architects, landscape architects, engineers, and other specifiers.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the benefits of synthetic turf
  • Describe various types of synthetic turf and the terminology used to specify it
  • Discuss how turf is tested for strength and durability
  • Recognize the importance of the overall system, including installation, base, and infill where necessary
  • Identify the different applications for synthetic turf and the types of turf for each application