Porcelain pavers are increasingly replacing stone for outdoor applications in Europe, and that trend continues in the United States. This course examines the long history of porcelain products and explains how the raw materials and manufacturing process create porcelain’s legendary strength and durability. We review the testing procedures that scientifically verify porcelain’s qualities, and discuss how technology helps create pavers that are superior in performance to stone or wood, stronger and with a more reliable aesthetic. Finally, we explain the simple installation strategies for pavers used outdoors, particularly on gravel or grass, which do not require a concrete slab.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss trends for outdoor living spaces.
  • Describe the nature of porcelain pavers vs. other materials.
  • List the qualities of porcelain pavers for outdoor use, and how pavers are tested.
  • Identify installation techniques for porcelain pavers.
  • Discuss several case studies where porcelain pavers solved a design problem.