This course introduces styles, characteristics, options, colors, and product features that are available with modular precast concrete (MPC) products.

MPC requires no ongoing maintenance, can be constructed faster and costs less than masonry structures, and should be strongly considered for fence, sound wall, barrier projects and retaining solutions.

Competitive advantages and differences between MPC and other systems, as well as technical aspects, code concerns and construction logistics will be discussed.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the cost-saving benefits, uses, and efficiencies of building fences, sound walls, barriers and retaining walls with modular precast concrete
  • Review the various textures and colors of MPC panels, caps and posts in addition to learning about the versatility of using modular components in various applications
  • Compare the benefits of using modular precast concrete vs. other types of fences and wall structures that are made from masonry, metal, wood, vinyl or cast-in-place concrete/CIP
  • Understand required code and site considerations such as wind loads, soil conditions, height requirements, restricted work areas
  • Detail reasons why modular precast concrete is one of the top building solutions available when it comes to lower construction costs, minimal maintenance, durability, longevity and resistance to the following: wind, hail, weather, water, ground movement, rust, fire and insect damage