This course will examine how wood structures and finishings can help meet tenancy trends and the benefits wood provides to owners and occupants, such as aesthetics, high-performance and life safety.

Two different types of wood structural systems are discussed, as are the qualities that make a building desirable. Case studies demonstrate how value was maximized and occupant well-being was optimized in wood structures.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the benefits wood structures provide developers and tenants, including density, efficient construction, energy efficiency and other performance gains that help to maximize value and increase occupant comfort.
  • Review building types where wood is often used to optimize occupant experience.
  • Compare the different types of wood structural systems used in these building types and how each is sustainable and can improve occupant well-being.
  • Examine case studies where wood was used to maximize value and optimize occupant experience, including several LEED and affordable housing projects.