Based on the millennial design preferences, designers and building professionals must specify products that attract this generation to the space. In this course, we will examine the impact of the millennial generation to multifamily space design and how extruded aluminum trim can provide design aesthetic, while being a smart choice economically.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize how current trends in urban/suburban multifamily apartment design are influenced by the style preferences of the millennial generation and the hospitality industry.
  • Outline the advantages of extruded aluminum trim components over traditional materials in terms of the manufacturing process, environmental impacts, safety and resiliency.
  • Identify the ways in which exterior and interior metal trim applications can provide clean, ultra-modern details that support the contemporary design of today‚Äôs multi-family dwellings.
  • Understand the variety of options available for creating custom or semi-custom metal trim profiles in a cost-effective manner.