BuildingGreen’s annual Top 10 Green Building Products represent the most exciting new innovations and biggest breakthroughs in health and environmental performance across all major building product sectors and LEED categories. Brent Ehrlich and Alex Wilson describe the picks for 2018 and how they can apply to multiple LEED credits.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the transparency and optimization criteria for the three BPDO credits in the MR category and the Low-Emitting Materials credit in the EQ categories of LEED v4.
  • List generic product types that are essential to achieving energy efficiency, water conservation, and indoor environmental performance credits in LEED v4, across all BD+C and ID+C rating systems.
  • Describe BuildingGreen’s whole lifecycle selection process and the LEED-referenced transparency documents and certification programs that factor into those selections.
  • Describe how these innovative products can contribute to achieving specific LEED credits, such as Raw Material Extraction, Optimize Energy Performance, Indoor Water Use Reduction, and Low-Emitting Materials in the LEED BD+C, ID+C, Homes, and/or O+M rating systems.