This session is a review and discussion of new “crosswalks” that have been developed to smooth the path between the Living Building Challenge, WELL, Green Star and LEED, and to clarify synergies between their certification options. Topics include crosswalk and credit specifics and opportunities to “ask the experts”.

Learning Objectives

  • List the benefits and efficiencies of applying multiple rating systems early in a project.
  • Compare and Contrast the requirements of the LEED v4 BD+C Optimize Energy Performance Credit, the LBC Net Positive Energy Imperative, the WELL Version 1 Combustion Minimization Feature, and the Peak Electricity Demand Reduction Credit in Greenstar using a formatted crosswalk, while showing how it can be applied to the project.
  • Identify a synergistic strategy for achieving the LEED v4 BD+C Quality Views Credit, the LBC Civilized Environment Imperative, the WELL Version 1 Right to Light Feature, and the Visual Comfort Credit in Greenstar.
  • List the requirements of the LEED v4 BD+C Building Product Disclosure & Optimization – Material Ingredients Credit, the LBC Red List Imperative, the WELL Version 1 Toxic Materials Reduction Feature, and the Indoor Pollutants Credit in Greenstar, and how to find materials that satisfy them all.