Examine the The Sustainable SITES® InitiativeTM (SITES) materials life cycle management process from the material specification phase to the deconstruction phase. Understand how to effectively implement the materials selection process in order to decrease the quantity of materials sent to landfills and support the use of sustainable building products.

Learning Objectives

  • Summarize specific credit synergies and differences between Materials and Resource prerequisites and credits for SITES V2 and LEED V4 BD+C and how they can be applied to a project for the overall benefit of the end user.
  • Describe three ways that a project can achieve SITES V2 Materials Prerequisite ex. Eliminate the Use of Wood from Threatened Tree Species.
  • Discuss strategies to achieve SITES V2 and LEED V4 credits related to producer responsibility and information transparency (SITES C5.7, C5.8, C5.9 and LEED V4 BD+C MR credits about Building Product Disclosure and Optimization) and human health.
  • Understand current environmental and human health impacts of a product’s life-cycle and strategies to specify products with reduced impacts.