Exterior fiberglass doors that have the look, feel, weight, and—when knocked on, even the sound— of hardwood doors handcrafted by true artisans may be the ultimate combination of form and function.

This course discusses the many benefits of fiberglass doors and the process of creating fiberglass doors using molds made from real wood species. The testing and rating of fiberglass doors is followed by a gallery of ideas for different styles of architecture, various types of wood and decorative accents.

The course will demonstrate how to customize fiberglass to create an aesthetically pleasing space that is also functional.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the benefits of fiberglass doors.
  • Describe the steps to manufacture high-quality fiberglass doors that look and feel like wood.
  • Define the testing, certifications, and performance of fiberglass doors for fire, acoustic, coastal, impact, and thermal.
  • Recognize styles of fiberglass doors, customization options, and their applications.