Learn how universities and business have developed Zero Waste Plans and achieved Zero Waste. View Zero Waste planning approaches and how to design for reuse, recycling and composting collection. Understand how GBCI Zero Waste Certification system is used to evaluate operations and to certify facilities as Zero Waste.

Learning Objectives

  • Highlight universities and business that have planned for and achieved Zero Waste
  • Take different approaches to Zero Waste Planning including how architects and designers design for multi-material collection systems and space for recycling and composting containers in buildings and dining/cafes
  • Understand how the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council Zero Waste Facility Scorecard was used to evaluate current operations and is being used to certify facilities as Zero Waste
  • Find policies, programs and facilities needed to achieve Zero Waste and Resources to plan for Zero Waste, including a typical Scope of Work and Outline for Zero Waste Plans