Zero net energy (ZNE) buildings and carbon (CO2) neutral campuses are becoming more prevalent. We will look at how a variety of institutions are achieving these goals, discuss data on national trends, offer first-hand experience in the pursuit of ZNE buildings and CO2 neutral campuses, and predict what's next.

Learning Objectives

  • Compare benchmarking data of ZNE buildings over the last five years to understand the trend line of ZNE building.
  • Discuss the key factors that influence an institution's decision to pursue ZNE buildings and a CO2 neutral campus, specifically cost, design impact, technologies, and operational aspects.
  • Explore lessons learned from institutional representatives related to the exploration, implementation, and post occupancy of ZNE facilities and CO2 neutral campus infrastructure.
  • Identify and predict the impact that ZNE and CO2 neutral trends will have on college campuses over the next 10 years.