Successful partnerships, such as that of Staples, Davies Office and RIT, are mobilizing market transformation for more healthy, sustainable built environments through circular business models. Leaders from RIT, Staples, and Davies Office discuss strategy and implementation tactics for bringing remanufactured office furniture into the mainstream B2B commercial interiors market.

Learning Objectives

  • Articulate a clear understanding of the Circular Economy, its values and concepts, and how industry is mobilizing to support market transformation and the decoupling of economic growth from environmental degradation.
  • Understand the essential role of marketing, education, and metrics in the roll-out of customer-facing sustainable-product offerings, demonstrated through the experience of the Staples-Davies Office innovative business model and partnership.
  • Describe the new paradigm of how some organizations view their products as key components of the built environment, enabled through tools and targets including LCA, zero-waste, and other innovative metrics.
  • Identify and assess key firm-level and market-level factors that can be leveraged and addressed through successful partnerships, in pursuit of industry-led market transformation towards a more circular economy.