This course investigates the current applications of panelized Architectural Ultra High-Performance Concrete (A|UHPC) in pre-fabricated wall systems and additional potential uses and innovations possible with A|UHPC’s mechanical properties, characteristics, and manufacturing methods.

Architectural Ultra High-Performance Concrete (A|UHPC) in thin cladding panels has been established as a highly suitable material for high-performance Back Ventilated and Drained Cavity (BVDC) wall facades. A|UHPC offers new capabilities for structural and aesthetic architectural applications.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the benefits of pre-fabricated, off-site construction of wall assemblies for projects and its potential solutions for the current state of building, such as environmental concerns, safety and risk.
  • Understand the material properties and manufacturing process for A|UHPC composite wall cladding as it relates to prefabricated wall assemblies, such as thermal expansion, flexural strength, and anchor points.
  • Understand different pre-fabricated systems for opaque walls and their applications.
  • Assess the appropriateness of different systems for a particular building and understand the requirements for collaboration with material suppliers and wall system fabricators.
  • Understand some of the factors driving the trend towards prefabricated wall assemblies and the need for improved efficiencies, safety and quality in facade construction.