Welcome a new shift in design, where architecture and nature unite. Homes are built into landscapes, rather than overtaking nature, and incorporate elements of the earth into their design, promoting peace, creativity, and inspiration.

Building materials, such as architectural stone veneer, are being used indoors and outdoors to reflect the qualities found in nature, including symmetry, surprise, and well-being.

Not only does architectural stone veneer bring the beauty of nature into residential and commercial spaces, but it’s also a sustainable alternative to other building materials; it can be recycled, lower transportation and labor costs, and earn LEED credits. It is regulated by strict industry standards, providing durability and versatility, all while offering nearly limitless options in color, texture, look, and use.

Learning Objectives

  • Evaluate the benefits of designing with architectural stone veneer.
  • Compare the features of architectural stone veneer to those of natural stone.
  • Discuss how architectural stone veneer supports sustainable and resilient design.
  • Explore the benefits of biophilic design and its impact on modern lifestyles.
  • Examine the use of architectural stone veneer in construction through case studies.