This course dives into lighting as a key factor of wellness. Two current building industry trends - Human Health + Wellness and Transparency – are compelling designers to gain a better understanding of daylighting, the impact of light on our circadian rhythms, and related tools available to designers. The course will explore a few of the building standards that take a deeper dive into lighting as it connects to the human being, as well as technology and strategies that allow designers to better mimic the 24-hour circadian clock within the built environment.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain how to relate the current trends of Human Health and Wellness and Transparency into your work and designs.
  • Express daylighting benefits and the impact on our circadian rhythm for consideration in your projects and built environment.
  • Identify how lighting tools can be easily transferred into your daily practice.
  • Choose how to utilize best practices of tunable white lighting in order to reach destination: satisfaction and wellness.