Few building surfaces are subject to more wear and tear yet are as prominently visible as floors. In the quest to create durable, long-lasting and appealing floor surfaces, concrete has often been used as the base material whether on grade or on an elevated slab.

Final finishes have commonly ranged from any number of flooring materials placed on top of it to simply sealing or painting the concrete. However, recent advances in the technology of cement-based concrete overlays have given rise to a new option that is growing in popularity.

Learning Objectives

  • Illustrate the key performance characteristics of fast-curing, self-leveling, polishable overlayments based on CSA rapid setting cement technology.
  • Examine important considerations for product selection, specification, and installation of concrete overlayments, including for specialty applications, to ensure in-service performance.
  • Assess key industry standards related to polished concrete floors/overlays.
  • Analyze the design versatility of polished concrete and overlays using colorants and aggregates, and opportunities for their use in commercial, industrial, and residential facilities.

Pre-Requisite: None