Horizontal IMPs are two single skin metal panels on either side of a factory-foamed-in-place core. There are two membranes, exterior and interior, and the foam core. The exterior membrane functions as the water, air, and vapor control layer. The interior membrane provides another layer of air and vapor control, and the foam core provides a layer of thermal control.

IMPs can be used in any climate or environmental condition, making them adaptable to many building design projects across different climate zones.

Learning Objectives

  • Illustrate the multi-faceted practical and aesthetic benefits of horizontal insulated metal panels (IMPs) in metal building envelope design.
  • Understand the various panel and trim options available for insulated metal panels.
  • Examine how installation best practices and framing requirements for horizontal insulated metal panels impact building envelope aesthetics and performance.
  • Evaluate the importance of and requirements for on-site testing and product warranties.

Pre-requisite: None.