Learners will be able to understand the history and various aspects of 2017 edition of AAMA/WDMA/CSA101/I.S.2/A440—North American fenestration Standard/Specification for windows, doors, and skylights (NAFS), including testing, performance class, performance grade, gateway performance requirements, and optional performance requirements.

By the end of the course, learners should also understand the differences between laboratory and field testing.

Learning Objectives

  • Review the ways in which windows, doors, and skylights are classified, tested, and certified based on the 2017 NAFS.
  • Examine the testing sequence and aspects of testing details of the 2017 NAFS, as well as the ways in which NAFS relates to ASTM standards, energy codes, and building codes.
  • Examine Gateway Performance Requirements and Optional Performance Grades, as well as other considerations for fenestration such as mullion testing.
  • Understand when to require field testing of fenestration products and how the testing is conducted.

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of NAFS and ASTM.